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Culture Change Project

Making Alberta’s transformation plan and vision will be a multi-year journey.

Sustaining momentum will be key.

Funding received from Alberta Health is allowing AAG to extend our work to develop a culture and community for change until March 2024. This initiative, called “Culture Change Project” extends the Future Policy Forum impact.

There are three objectives for the Culture Change Project: 

  1. To strengthen cross-sectoral linkages and engagement in support of a future with integrated service delivery built on the strengths and unique contributions of community-based, housing and health care sectors.
  2. To pay attention to the societal context that underpins how we view a future of healthy aging with longevity and diversity.
  3. To create new mechanisms to strengthen momentum for change  in the near term and for the future with recognition and communication mechanism that expand AAG’s work and a final evaluation of lessons learned through the Future Policy Forum and Culture Chante Project  with recommendations for future coordination and communication vehicles.

Watch for information on these initiatives:

  • A Think Tank on the Seniors Services’ Workforce  – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • New AAG -sponsored Awards that recognize culture change champions & a new newsletter to mark progress
  • Collaboration between AAG and Healthy Aging Alberta  (HAA) to examine potential for cross-sectoral application of HAA’s Principles for Healthy Aging based on Social determinants of health 
  • Development of Thought Leadership Initiatives that explore society values and needs for changer elated to aegism and optimizing diversity in a future of longevity