Futures Policy Forum

Alberta’s Opportunity

MAY 2021: Alberta Health receives a foundational report for transformation of community and continuing care:

Improving Quality of Life for Residents in Facility-Based Continuing Care: Alberta Facility-Based Continuing Care Review Recommendations: Final Report (the “MNP report”). Highlights include:

  • A ‘Healthy Aging Vision for Alberta’ (from page 114 of the report):
    “Albertans are supported to be healthy and active in their community, with an improved quality of life, and they are engaged, empowered, and enabled to live in inclusive communities with social connectedness and healthcare access.”
  • Expectations for system transformation with three tiers of policies and services and 42 recommendations to achieve the vision (description and image from page 115 of the report) read more
    • Tier 1: For Individuals with Minimal Health Care Needs
    • Tier 2: For Individuals with Moderate to Complex Care Needs (Living at Home or in the Community)
    • Tier 3: For Individuals with Highest Care Needs Living in Facility-Based Continuing Care

MAY 2022: New Continuing Care Act; a focus on quality of life and encompassing community and continuing care, the foundation to transforming continuing care.

NOVEMBER 2023: Alberta restructures the healthcare system

  • A new structure for health care delivery: 4 organizations – Acute Care, Continuing Care, Primary Care, and Mental Health and Addictions
  • Expectations for:
    • Integration across organizations to support the right care in the right place at the right time, with a focus on health promotion and prevention.
    • Improved access and local decision-making
    • An empowered workforce
    • System sustainability through creativity and collaboration
  • An Integration Council to monitor implementation and ensure integration across Ministries, including Seniors and Community Services.

FISCAL YEAR 2023/24 – 25/26: Multi-year plans and investment for system transformation.

  • Follow these plans on Alberta Health’s website and mandate letters for ministers.

AAG Listens engages co-creates catalysts for this future.

AAG Advancing Alberta’s Opportunities


  • with services that are person-centered, grounded in social determinants of health, community-focused and integrated across sectors for cost-effective care and service delivery.
  • where recipients of service, family care partners and employees can be at their best.

Milestones on Our Journey

1) 2022

We build on a history of advocacy and cross-sector action and embrace the vision for healthy aging and quality of life for older adults and the policy tiers for system transformation in the MNP Report with:

  • AAG’s Futures Policy Forum Initiative was launched  with the overarching intent of advancing a culture and community for change in support of the transformation goals.
  • A cross-sector group of organizational leaders, educators, researchers, policy leaders, the Strategic Collaborative Committee  Steering Committee was formed and has been meeting regularly since January 2022.
2) April 2022/March 23

Eight Futures Policy Forum Webinars were held, reaching stakeholders and citizens across the province regarding system change plans and advice from provincial, national, and international experts regarding transformation priorities and system enablers.                                      

  • Check out Resources for individual webinar reports, speaker slides, and video recordings, and the Final Webinar Report with recommendations for system change.
  • AAG’s Webinars were made possible by sponsors/ partners for change.
3) Sept 2023 to March 2024

hThe Futures Policy Forum Initiative expands, thanks to  a Culture Change Project Grant from Alberta Health to cocreate resources to support  transformation priorities. Priority areas were related to workforce, community-focused services, culture change for healthy aging with longevity and diversity, and mechanisms to recognize change leaders and communicate broadly with stakeholders.

  • Check out Resources for reports on project activities.
  • Check our Awards for the Changemaker Awards and News and Views.
  • “Culture Change Impact Report” (June 2024) demonstrates high value of initiatives  and recommendations for ongoing cross-sector collaboration . See RESOURCES for Report

4) June 2024

The Journey Continues to integrate Alberta’s vision from 2022 and Alberta’s plans from November 2023  plans to refocus the overall health system.

…AAG has identified 4 CHALLENGE AREAS based on what we are hearing and what we have learned.

Challenge Areas

AAG has identified Four (4) Challenge Areas for System Transformation Initiatives—for consideration, further development, and financial support to enable full implementation.


Advancing Person-Centered, Community-Focused Integration of Services for Living Well

  • Engage cross-sector stakeholders to develop shared mental models for change and take action to integrate community services, strengthen local capacity and enhance local decision-making.
  • Explore collaborative opportunities with Healthy Aging Alberta and others, Fall 2024 and beyond.

check out RESOURCES for our learning/reports


Optimizing Technology to Modernize Community and Continuing Care, enabling the transformation of service delivery and new ways of working to support the workforce, caregivers, and older adults receiving service or living independently.

  • Collaborate with Alberta Innovates and Alberta Continuing Care Association to inform an engagement and action Strategy for Fall 2024 and beyond.
  • Connect practitioners across sectors with concepts, experts and supports important to practice change.

check out RESOURCES for our learning/reports


Sustaining the Workforce and Family Caregivers.

  • Connect practitioners across sectors with concepts, experts and supports important to supporting the workforce and caregivers.
  • Explore collaboration opportunities with University of Alberta Family Caregiver Group to Develop a Provincial Family Caregiver Strategy, Fall 2024 and beyond

check out RESOURCES for our learning/reports


Advancing Thought Leadership, Practice and Policies for Living Well with Longevity and Diversity

  • Connect practitioners, citizens and policy makers across sectors with concepts, experts and supports important to living well.
  • Develop policy recommendations/policy briefs as appropriate to remove system barriers.

check out RESOURCES for our learning/reports

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