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Futures Policy 2022-2024

Futures Policy Forum 2022-2024: Transforming Healthy Aging

Take part in our FREE monthly webinars to transform the future of aging in Alberta. See the Webinars Schedule and view a webinar recording today! The topic of the next webinar: Valuing Care and Caregivers. Stay tuned for more details about this upcoming webinar on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023.

A unique AAG initiative with distinct goals for Albertans:

  • To engage with a broad range of individuals, all with a stake in a future of healthy aging and quality of life.
  • To develop opportunities to be part of a movement to create a culture and community for change.
  • To promote awareness of the need for transformation and our initiative.
  • To encourage learning and grow collaborative action for change.
  • To reflect on opportunities to contribute to and co-create the future.

Alberta's Opportunity

Albertans have the motivation and skills to affect a transformation of healthy aging. AAG would like to build on that energy for public policy changes that impact aging in a positive manner.

Futures Policy Forum Initiative

We seek to engage older adults, and care partners across diverse settings. AAG wants to identify needs, hopes and opportunities for a better future.

Stakeholder Collaborative Committee (SCC)

Our change champions will develop new connections and model collaborative action for change.


Cross disciplinary conversations for shared learning and exploration of policy change areas. The webinars provide facilitation of a culture and community for change.


We invite and appreciate all sponsors who make policy change a reality. Our sponsors will provide the ability for in-depth exploration of policy change.

Interest Form

Please join us to learn and contribute to a future of transformative healthy aging. Sign up for notifications about all the webinars and news of our initiative.