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Futures Policy Forum Initiative


Change Matters, Now

Research with individuals & families & stakeholders consistently indicates an urgent need for fundamental change. We need to create an environment for quality of living as we age.

Alberta can be a leader in moving forward in new ways—and we ALL gain when we:

  • Increase opportunities for healthy living and aging.
  • Provide more services and choices for living in the community.
  • Improve connections and strength across services and care partners.
  • Enhance quality of resident living and quality of work-life in facility-based continuing care.

Making these changes and the future vision a reality means:

  1. Creating momentum
    • Continuing dialogue with individuals, families, care partners, communities, and service providers.
    • Learning as we go, developing new perspectives and attitudes, and co-creating the future.
  2. Knowing change takes time. But, remaining resolute in the need for action by:
    • government
    • communities
    • organizations across the system
    • and each one of us!
  3. Staying the course. This will be the ultimate test for a future for older Albertans that is different from today.

Help Create a Community and Culture for Change


AAG’s Futures Policy Forum Initiative is a three-year initiative (2022-2024). Through shared learning and collaboration, we will find opportunities for meaningful change. Purposeful deliberation will result in a better future for all Albertans.

  1. Join with the Stakeholder Collaborative Committee (SCC) as a champion for change. The SCC guides development and implementation of the Futures Policy Forum Initiative.
  2. Register for Futures Policy Forum Webinars, starting in April 2022. Follow the information from each session on this website. Share with your colleagues and use this learning where you can. Change can happen where you are!
  3. Watch for updates on this website about in-depth explorations of priority change topics. We will include information about:
    • Think Tanks and Policy Development/Demonstration initiatives.
    • Opportunities for further engagement of individuals and families and care partners.
    • Shared first-hand experience that matters in moving to the future.

The topic of the next webinar: Valuing Care and Caregivers. Stay tuned for more details about this upcoming webinar on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023.