Resource Webinar 7

Optimizing Technology and Innovation in the Future Delivery of Seniors’ Services

Goals of the Webinar

  • To increase public awareness about the potential of technology and innovation in enhancing the future delivery of seniors’ services.
  • To learn how Denmark has used technology to enhance the delivery of seniors’ care services.
  • To provide examples of existing technology that can support independence, care, and quality of life for older adults living at home or in continuing care centres, as well as improve efficiency and productivity of the seniors’ services workforce.
  • To discuss strategies that could accelerate the use of technology in the delivery of seniors’ services in Alberta.
  • To discuss challenges and opportunities to better support aging in communities for older Albertans through technology and innovation.

Speakers and Speaker Slides

  • Christian Harsløf. Chief Executive Officer, Local Government Denmark, “Digital Transformation in the Danish Municipalities”
  • Dr. Alex Mihailidis. Associate Vice-President, International Partnerships, University of Toronto Scientific Director, AGE-WELL, “ The Role of AGETech in Supporting Older Albertans”
  • Tim Murphy. Vice-President, Health, Alberta Innovates. “Accelerating Digital Health Technology for Older Adults”
  • Dr. Haidong Liang. Executive Director, Westend Seniors Activity Centre and Barbara Gibson President, Board of Directors, Westend Seniors Activity Centre, “The Benefits of Technology for Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic”
  • Conny Avila, Chief Innovation Officer, Covenant Health, “Optimizing Technology & Innovation in the Future Delivery of Seniors’ Services”