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Stakeholder Collaborative Committee (SCC)

The SCC finds richness in diverse perspectives. Many members represent more than one area of interest. The graphic below illustrates the cross-sections of groups that make up the SCC.

SCC New Chart 2022

Functions of the Stakeholder Collaborative Committee

Identify and suggest important policy changes and topic that:

  • Contribute to transformative and cultural change to services for older Albertans
  • Achieve transformative changes towards healthy aging.
  • Provide a better qualify of life and care for older Albertans.

To be change agents:

  • Identifying initiatives that AAG’s Futures Forum can collaborate with.
  • Advocating for transformative changes.
  • Providing continual impetus, support and inspiration for these progressive actions.

Assess the impact of the Future Policy Forum:

  • To generate awareness and support for implementing a culture of healthy aging and quality of life in Alberta.
  • To provide advice regarding possible future events that could further achieve this goal.

The topic of the next webinar: Valuing Care and Caregivers. Stay tuned for more details about this upcoming webinar on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023.