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Think Tanks

Think Tanks build on Webinar learning and are structured opportunities to focus on transformation priorities :

  1. with key stakeholders coming together to
  2. learn from experts and each other regarding needs and opportunities for change and then
  3. identify priorities for policy and practice change to move toward Alberta’s vision for healthy aging and quality of life for Older Albertans in a healthy and prosperous Alberta

Think Tank, December 5, 2022:  -Builds on Webinar 3:  Seniors’ Services Workforce : The Conditions of Work are the Conditions of Care and Service

Join in the Learning: Click here to view the agenda package

Think Tank Report— AAG Cultural Change Project

Video #1:

  • Introduction (Lynne Mansell and Kelly Baskerville)
  • Keynote Presentation with Carole Estabrooks – Call to Action: Creating a Positive Workforce Culture
  • Panel Discussion for Outcome #1: Retain existing employees with sufficient staffing and funding for success leading to → increasing the value and viability of seniors’ serving workplaces

Video #2:

  • Panel Discussion for Outcome #2: Develop work environments with empowered employees and teams and flexibility in service delivery → enabling momentum to meet service needs in new ways.

Video #3:

  • Panel Discussion for Outcome #3: Ensure/evolve workforce supply with innovation in recruitment and partnerships for robust education programs and certification leading to → sustaining productive workforces in a changing environment of demographics and the world of work
  • Closing Remarks