Vivien Lai Changemaker Awards

Vivien worked to ensure that Alberta’s Continuing Care System focused on quality of life for staff and Albertans needing care. She was a committed and influential member of AAG, having served as President of the Edmonton Chapter and the Alberta Board. Vivien was a visionary leader on the Alberta Association on Gerontology’s (AAG) Future Policy Forum/Culture Change Project and Stakeholder Collaborative Committee initiatives where she sought to foster a culture and community conducive to change. Her contributions will have influenced the evolution of continuing care and health aging in Alberta, as well as on those individuals who had the honor of working along side her on many projects and initiatives. She passed away in November 2023; her legacy will continue through these awards.

1. Service Delivery Innovation…For Teams demonstrating innovations in one or both of the following:

  • Implementing culture change for person-centered practice or delivery, focused on meaningful engagement with older Albertans, making a difference in the individual’s quality of lived experience, appreciating differences, and creating an age positive culture including integrating family caregivers.
  • Developing new staffing or education models that create both quality of life for individuals & family care partners and work with meaning for staff, and/or expand education programing closer to students in collaboration between educators and providers.

2. Community-Focused Engagement & Service Development …For Teams demonstrating initiatives that address one or both of the following:

  • Focus on people in communities, moving from a focus on inputs (e.g. health system, payers, buildings and clinicians) to outcomes for people.
  • Embracing cross-sectoral actions as key to integrated community systems and connections that enhance access to community services.

Award criteria for both categories:

  • Demonstrate collaborative engagement—cross-sectoral initiative; multi-party implementation; citizen engagement.
  • Development based on knowledge mobilization and integration of evidence and experiential insights.
  • Clarity of intent and impact measures.
  • Nominees should be front-line transformational leaders or service and support/service development teams, rather than senior organization administrators.
  • Nominees from rural as well as urban settings and organizations of all sizes are encouraged.

Nominations (consisting of a completed Nomination Form and 2 letters of support must be submitted by email only to:

Nominations will be accepted annually from February to mid April.

Decisions will be made by the Awards and Scholarships Committee.
Award Winners will be announced at AAG’s Annual General Meeting in June.


Award recipients will receive a plaque and be featured in the AAG Website “News and Views”. Nominees who are not recipients will receive a certificate of recognition.

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