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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024


Alberta Association on Gerontology’s (AAG) three-year strategic plan for 2021 – 2024 identifies three major goals and priority activities under each goal. Working groups support the activities. These goals and activities were identified through a strategic planning session comprised of AAG provincial board members, Edmonton Chapter and Calgary Chapter board members and key representatives from AAG past presidents and Mary Morrison Davis Award recipients. Goals are overarching and priority activities include short-term as well as long-term outcomes. The strategic plan will be reviewed annually to assess progress and revise as activities are completed.


Inspired by a future in Alberta where older persons are engaged and empowered, enabled to live in inclusive communities with social connections, and have access to care and services that enhance their quality of life, we are a province-wide interdisciplinary, non-profit organization advancing health and social system policy, education, and practice.


To be a change agent for healthy aging and a quality of life for Older Albertans.


In a spirit of collaboration and open communications and working in partnership with older persons, service providers, policy leaders, researchers, educators, and students, we:

  • Connect to understand needs and opportunities for change related to gerontological issues.
  • Provide evidence-informed information and expertise related to gerontology and thought leadership and policy advocacy to enable system transformation.
  • Recognize contributions of members with achievement awards and support students with annual scholarships.

We demonstrate our work through the following committees.


Mandate: Further refine governance and operational infrastructure of the Association.

Priority Activities:

  • Complete bylaw review/revisions every two years, or earlier if directed by the Board, revisions to be presented at the 2023 AAG AGM.
  • Address board succession and its refinement by developing a Recruitment and Board Development Committee.
  • Develop a strategy to identify members interested in being on working committees to carry out work of the Association. Create a database of members’ areas of interest.
  • Review the Policy Manual of the Association annually and make recommendations to the Board.
  • Examine the architectural structure of AAG specific to the relationship between the Provincial Board and the Chapters.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Executive Committee, Board, and Committees.
  • Develop outcomes/impact measurements for reporting to membership, including in grant applications and sharing through promotional materials and tools (website).


Mandate: To support the creation of forums and opportunities for policy discussion and development to improve the quality of life of older adults by collaborating with other stakeholders and the community at large.

Priority Activities:

  • Build on the outcomes of Vision 2030, engage older Albertans, members of the public, researchers, health care providers, and AAG members in follow up workshops, policy planning, development, implementation, and evaluation discussions, research activities and other actions to address the Vision 2030 and MNP Reports including the vision and recommendations for healthy aging, and the transformation of services.
  • Host or co-host meetings, workshops, and conferences with other organizations
  • Explore and develop partnerships with identified stakeholders to work in collaboration to achieve the AAG vision.
  • Initiate and develop policy initiatives and contribute to policy proposals to be a change agent to drive policies on the provincial and national levels.


Mandate: The purpose of the Membership and Communication Committee is supporting the recruitment and retention of AAG membership and to promote the activities of the Association to the general public. Specifically, it is designated to address Goal 3 of the AAG strategic plan.

Priority Activities:

  • Develop further strategies for recruitment of new members and renewal of current and past members inclusive of membership benefits review.
  • Maximize the benefits of the website as a vehicle for communication to membership.
  • Develop a strategy to profile AAG as a reputable resource on aging issues.
  • Report activities to the Board at each meeting and take guidance from the Board as a whole for updates, projects, campaigns, etc.
  • Conduct a review of membership fees on an annual basis and make recommendations to the Provincial Board re: potential fee changes prior to Quarter 4 of current membership year to inform the following year’s membership recruitment/renewal drive.

Download the AAG Strategic Plan 2021-2024