The AAG Calgary Chapter recently held a webinar called, Ageism & the Media. Mitzi Murray, Executive Director of the THIRD ACTion Film Festival presented the webinar. Our discussion focused on the power of media in shaping societal and individual perceptions on aging.

We invite you to watch a selection of videos that challenge and/or parody ageism in media below:

Don’t Vote

This video uses sarcasm and an ageist bias to grab the attention of young people.

SNL Alexa

This video uses ageist attitudes about seniors to create a parody with a fake device, the ‘Amazon Echo Silver’.

“The only smart speaker device specifically to be used by the Greatest Generation”.

Chasing the Sublime

“A mesmeric look at the physicality of long-distance cold water swimming by award-winning director Amanda Bluglass.”

Coffin Club

“The Coffin Club, a truly unique community organization bringing free-spirited seniors together to construct and personalise their own low-cost coffins. Based in small town New Zealand, with over 60 active members, this group of inspirational elderly meet once a week to rejoice in life while facing the realities of death.”


Check out our previous webinar, The Impacts of Ageism on Canadian Society, on our YouTube Channel.

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