Reach out to people you know. Family, friends, and neighbours are the biggest source of help for many older people. Talk with those close to you about the best way to get what you need. If you are physically able, think about trading services with a friend or neighbour. One could do the grocery shopping, and the other could cook dinner, for example.

Learn about community and local government resources, such as the Alberta Government: Resources to help seniors age in their community.

Health care providers and social workers may have suggestions. Local, municipal and provincial offices on aging or social services, and your tribal organization may have lists of services. For example:

If you belong to a religious group, talk with the clergy, or check with its local office about any senior services they offer. The federal government offers many resources for seniors, such as this page: Thinking about aging in place.

We hope the suggested resources listed above will help aid your journey to healthy aging in place.